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  • Cansasa Wakan, Keep Tobacco Sacred by Marissa Irizarry of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Not Your TV Indian

    Miranda Lauren Saunders

    Why are we the only ones who have to prove we exist? So many of us equate our…

  • Depth of Field by Alisha Valdez of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Open Field Playground

    Debra L. Tolino

    Thirty-six years ago, one of the challenges I had to overcome was moving from Farmington, New Mexico, to…

  • Rock by Crystal Teller of Dine' College


    The Cleaning Bot

    Monica Pelcher

    *BEEP BEEP BEEP* The earth-shattering noise of Thomas’ alarm clock beeped, loud enough for the entire house to…

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  • Reduce, Reuse, Reframe

    Jasmine Neosh

    Recycling is great but reducing your consumption of single use materials and reusing what you can is far more effective and efficient.

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  • The Language We Use

    Ryan Winn

    The professor from College of Menominee Nation explains why choosing the right words matters.

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  • Learning Across the Land

    Jasmine Neosh

    All across this country, there is an emerging class of Indigenous scientists who are working to improve water quality, protect the home of our non-human relatives, and revitalize ancestral agriculture techniques for food sovereignty.

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