2018 TCJ Student Photo Contest


TCJ Student is pleased to announce the 2018 TCJ Student Photo Contest. Tribal college students are encouraged to submit up to two high-resolution photographs in six photo categories that depict students in the following settings: Laboratory, Environment, Community, Classroom, Portrait, and Professional Standards. All images will be posted at TCJStudent.org when they are submitted, allowing visitors to view contest entries. Images will eventually also be posted to a Flickr account and will be available as rights-free images for public use and consumption. The top photography submissions may be featured at the websites of various federal departments and agencies, and disseminated online and/or in printed materials. Top entries may also appear on TCJStudent.org and in the printed edition of Tribal College Journal. The contest offers TCU students an opportunity to share their creative photography with a mass audience and to win cash prizes and/or gifts.


Students entering the contest must be enrolled at a tribal college or university. Each student may submit up to two photographs per category (eight photos total). All photographs must be a high resolution (300 dpi) jpeg or TIFF file, or have a large file size (at least 2 MB). Each photograph must include a caption that provides basic information of the photo’s context and subjects.

All photos submitted will become part of the public domain.

Students must complete an entry form and a model release form for individuals featured in the photographs they submit. Photographs and the accompanying entry forms should be sent via email to: editor@tribalcollegejournal.org or via the online submission form. The deadline for all submissions is November 15, 2018; winners will be announced in December 2018.


Laboratory—Photos should feature tribal college students and/or faculty at work in a laboratory setting. Subjects may be examining specimens through a microscope, conducting chemistry experiments, dissecting specimens, building electronics or robotics, or performing other lab experiments.

Environment—Photos may feature tribal college students and/or faculty at work outdoors in the field. Subjects may be cruising timber, testing water or soil samples, launching rockets, handling specimens, fighting wildfires, caring for animals, or gardening.

Community—Photos may feature tribal college students and/or faculty in a community, governmental, or family setting. Subjects may include parents with children, elders, community feasts, powwows, tribal councils, or other community gatherings.

Classroom—Photos may feature tribal college students and/or faculty in a classroom setting, including hospitals and healthcare facilities. Subjects may include nursing students, group discussions, mentorship and advising, or traditional classroom lectures.

Portrait—Photos in this category should be headshots or portraits of tribal college students. Photos should be of a single person, relatively up close, but creatively composed.

Professional Standards—Photos for this category can fit into any of the categories above, but must be ultra-high resolution, 300 dpi and at least 9 MB.


The TCJ Student selection committee will choose one winning photograph in each category. Winners will be awarded a $200 gift card. Dependent upon additional contributions from donors, the selection committee will select up to three honorable mentions in each category. Students who earn honorable mention will receive a $50 gift card.

The committee will also select a “Best-in-Show” photograph. The winning student will receive a photographic gift box with professional camera equipment.

All winning submissions and honorable mentions will be featured at TCJStudent.org. TCJ Student will send out an international press release announcing the names of the winning photographers.


Individuals, and corporations are encouraged to consider making a tax deductible donation to the 2018 TCJ Student Photo Contest by check or money order should be made out to:

Tribal College Journal
PO Box 720
Mancos, CO  81328

Tax ID# 84 063 0326

Tribal College Journal is the quarterly publication of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

All donations to the Photo Contest will be used exclusively for the purposes of the Photo Contest prize pool.  In the event, donations exceed this year’s prize pool requirements, money will be carried over to next year’s prize pool.

Individuals and Corporations in Giving making donations, will have their contributions acknowledged in the forthcoming issues of the Tribal College Journal as a form of recognition and appreciation.