All Alone

Untitled by Arlita Meek of Sinte Gleska University

Untitled by Arlita Meek of Sinte Gleska University

Got so much pain
more than I can contain
Put that little bloodsucker back on my vein

Yeah I’m supposed to be happy of course
But I’m hyperventilating put me to bed by force.

Hate waking up, I’ll sleep thru day
Drown me and leave me by the bay
Let my body appear by the shore.

How much more loneliness can I endure
My only trusted friend
Blew away like a gust of wind
I just feel so upset again.

I can’t keep in touch because I’m out of this world
My soul can’t come out of the abyss
No possible way to even feel some bliss
As I struggle more, the pain feels so sore
Since the happiness isn’t there anymore.

Can’t  let you go,
the only thing you showed was hate
my favorite mode
which was the thing that I adored
People that say they care those are the ones that I ignore.

Trying to dig whatever’s left in my soul again
With dirt under my nails from the hole I’m in.

I didn’t mean to trouble you friend
There’s nothing on my sleeves but the cuts in them.

So inconsiderate just to save you
And leave me to die from euthanasia.

Let my heart turn black from the lack of air
While my friends laugh from their chair.

Happiness is fake, disappointment is real
Depression is the only thing I got out of the deal
But then you look for help from all your friends
Backstabbed letting you know that this is the end
No fame and no way, you’re just another face till the day
You’re off the earth, you bled your way through the pain
Heart broken, my body feeling insane.

So don’t give me hell, when I’m going ballistic
Feels like my life is so sadistic
The darkness comes and it’s going to put you in a ditch
Grim reaper being held up by only a stitch
I feel that world closing in,
all alone, that’s all I’ve been
Depression and I, it’s a dangerous love affair
It led me to tying a rope and kicking the chair.

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