Apple Delicious

Silently, from the screen
door, tiptoeing to the steps,
hands hiding an
Adam branded Apple.
Every bite sweeter
than the last; moments
that deserve clusters
of childish smiles.
Mom pushes the
door wide open
with mouthfuls of laughter,
she says, “Don’t eat
too much, you will
get a stomachache.”
I tell her, “It’s too
late; my stomach
aches for more.”
Mom says, “Tell me,
apple eater, tell me,
purple or blue?”
Confused, I question
her meaning.
“Purple is as sweet
as blue is deep.”
Confusion wiped clean,
fortunate as I am,
I understand it’s
not a proverb
or a joke,
but a koan.

Marvin Wes Stops, Jr. will graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree in Haskell’s Creative Writing program in the fall of 2010. He is enrolled in the Crow Tribe and would like to pursue a bachelor’s degree one day.

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