Scaling the Motivation Mountain

Summer is here again and it’s a break from the classroom, but not a break from learning.

I Am an Ancestor’s Dream

Change, especially institutional change, takes time-and instead of just throwing our hands up in the air we should take it slow, each of us has our own roles to play.

What Is in a Name?

I have been told by my elders that traditional names are how our ancestors watch over us, giving us a fundamental connection to our people, our places, and our own selves.

Historical Trauma and the Environment

Historical trauma has affected not only Native cultures and languages, but also knowing the environment in all of its minute details.

Presence: The Best Gift to Give

In our often hectic and busy lives, it’s important to take the time to be present in the lives of the people we have promised to love and support.

Unity in Diversity

Sharing and passing down traditional knowledge enables us as tribal people to carry on our traditions, helping to guide our path into the future.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Dips in the road like being fired or a spell of procrastination and lack of motivation can create mishaps. What really makes a difference is how we rise.

Gone but Never Forgotten

Depression and silence walk hand in hand, and sometimes the only remedy is communication and human connection.

Remin-icing or Reality?

College life as a mom of twins doesn’t slow down, in fact it’s much like a tornado. Reminiscing reminds me to find humor every day.

Peyote Stitch

In an ever-evolving world we have no choice but to participate in the meticulous peyote stitch, or become the bead three lines back that requires remediation.