Remin-icing or Reality?

College life as a mom of twins doesn’t slow down, in fact it’s much like a tornado. Reminiscing reminds me to find humor every day.

Peyote Stitch

In an ever-evolving world we have no choice but to participate in the meticulous peyote stitch, or become the bead three lines back that requires remediation.

Impasse Class

Small class sizes and a community atmosphere are assets for tribal colleges. However, the ability of small colleges, tribal or not, to retain students of all shapes and sizes from colorful backgrounds can also be a liability.

In the Dawn of Domestic Dependency

As we head into an uncertain future, we, as concerned citizens, need to step up, stay informed, and help our neighbors.

Teacher Appreciation

Good teachers should inspire us all-they are mentors who enrich our education and deserve our appreciation and respect.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

All semester long I have watched as my friends and family made the journey to North Dakota. We should remember they are fighting for our children and grandchildren.

Life without Timekeeping

Timekeeping and clocks govern our lives, but a reprieve from deadlines and due dates enables the natural course of events to take its course.

What is the Earth without Art?

Art is integral to who we are as human beings, and a positive outlet in an often negative world.

Light in the Cultural Crossroads

At this cultural crossroads, we must resolve how to address communication gaps so that we can build and maintain partnerships.

How My Moccasins Remind Me to Think Before I Act

At Standing Rock, my moccasins made me aware of where I was with each step.

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