Teachings from Snakes with Pretty Skin

In the name of money and without regard for the Earth, companies will slither their way around Indian communities. The Dakota Access Pipeline is the latest such encroachment.

Ball Is Life

Sport and athletics have always been a core part of who we are as Native people. For the sake of our community and spiritual health, we should all look for ways to encourage athletic activities in our local communities.

Ambition & Aspiration

Education is empowerment—and tribal colleges offer Native students an avenue to academic success and greater self-determination.

Two-Eyed Seeing

It falls upon us as Native students of science to conduct meaningful research for our Native communities.

Active Parenting

Active parenting must be something we demand from ourselves and our neighbors—our children are too precious.

Intrinsically Important

One lesson that we should learn from the tragic death of Harambe the gorilla is that teaching our children to value the intrinsic qualities of nature is of utmost importance.

Indian Summer

Powwow season is upon us, and it is my favorite time of year. Not just because of the powwows, but because of all of the cultural happenings that go on during these summer months. To me, summer means a celebration of my heritage.

Breastfeeding and Food Sovereignty

The disempowerment of our roles as sacred life-giving women gives rise to increased rates of domestic violence and child abuse, while negative impacts on our self-esteem lead to second guessing our ability to provide complete nutrition.

Money Tree Dreams

Education these days is expensive. But there are many scholarships and grants for Native students—and there are advisors, counselors, and even apps to help you find them.

Stress and Relief

We all need to detach every once in a while to keep our sanity. Enjoy your spring break, and keep that sense of renewed energy going by remembering that you can’t take care of anyone or anything else if you don’t take care of yourself first!