The Bike

The bike stopped.

The rusted Red Racer bike skidded to a stop.

The stolen old Red Racer bike skidded to a stop, throwing gravel and dirt everywhere.

Avoiding the sound of sirens, the stolen Red Racer skidded to a stop throwing gravel and dirt everywhere. A disheveled boy tried to catch his breath as he hid the bike behind a group of trees in his grandmother’s back yard. He wiped his hand across his face, certain that it was covered in sweat and dirt and blood. Grandmother would not be pleased with his torn shirt. He walked up the back steps slowly before gently opening up the door and moving towards the only bathroom in the house. He tried not to wake his little sister as he passed her too small room. The running water felt good on his skin, he was afraid to look at himself in the mirror. Closing the light he walked in the dark to his own room. Sitting on the bed he thought about the robbery of the grocery store, he thought of Milo and his friends, he thought about how they would come looking for him… Looking for the kid who had told on them, looking for the Red Racer bike he had used to get away.

Chasity Ann Vigil is from Las Vegas and Pecos, NM. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM) in May, 2012, she intends to continue her schooling so that she can become a high school English and history teacher. Chasity is currently working on a trilogy of fantasy novels as well as a memoir and a small chapbook of poetry.

Her current mentors and favored writers are Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, and James Thomas Stevens. She dreams of one day becoming that teacher who pushes people forward to great things, just like the few that she had while still in high school.

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