Going Beyond the Classroom

Internships and student worker positions can open a wealth of opportunities for tribal college students.

Why We Protect

Rather than mourn it helplessly over the degradation of our planet, make a conscious decision to protect it with all of your power and with all of your love.

When We Say Home

Returning to one’s ancestral homeland offers time for reflection, but also reminds us that even these sacred places are often threatened.

Decolonize Your Work Ethic

There’s an overwhelming amount of work to do in Indian Country, which is why it’s vital to take breathers and connect with nature.

The Future is Indigenous

There is much to be done, but by working together we can create the future we envision.

The Stories We Share

In her farewell blog post for TCJStudent.org, IAIA student Scarlett Cortez reflects back on the past year and what it means to share your lived experiences with others.

Rising Together

Opportunities through agencies like the National Center for Atmospheric Research offer tribal college students professional opportunities, and much-needed place at the table for Indigenous scientists.

On Remaining Hopeful When All Hope Seems Lost

Sometimes our problems can seem overwhelming, even paralyzing, which is why it’s vital to build community and work together.

Ikakiimaat – Try Hard

Sometimes our various responsibilities pile up, forcing us to go that extra mile to achieve our goals.

The Way We See Things

There’s a difference between being complacent and accepting an outcome, versus accepting an outcome but then seeing what you can do better next time around.

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