Where I Come From

Sometimes, when thinking about where we’re headed, it’s important to reflect on where we come from.

Time to Heal

For many, the holiday season serves as a reminder of the ones who have passed on. But just because they aren’t here physically, doesn’t mean their spirits aren’t with us.

The Beginning of the End

Seeking out professional experience while still in college can be daunting and intimidating-yet, ultimately, it’s also rewarding.

A Moment in History

We as Indigenous people have always seen the value and strength of women, but after our recent election it’s amazing to see the rest of the U.S. finally starting to realize this.

What Self-Care Means to Me

Taking care of yourself is more than just treating yourself to a Frappuccino, it’s about self-reflection and taking care of your own basic needs.

Mental Health Awareness Week: A Step Forward

Mental health issues don’t just go away and they can’t be covered by a cast or bandage. But whatever you are feeling is valid, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

Just Keep Pulling!

Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves to be present in the moment and see to our responsibilities and duties.

Who We Are

Be proud of your skin and all your ancestors who came before you.

The Relationship between Identity and Self-Determination

Resiliency means taking back who we are and how we define ourselves.

Words We Hold Close

For better or worse, words are powerful. Hold on to those that make you feel better and reject those that hurt you.