Camp Life

A summer of culture-induced revitalization helps us recharge for the next academic year.

A Way of LIFE: Empowering Future Leaders

A Way of LIFE: Empowering Future Leaders By Scarlett Cortez At AIHEC’s annual LIFE conference, tribal college students learn new skills that they take back and share with their communities.

Body Beauty

As we don our shorts and tank tops this summer, allow people to embrace the skin they’re in-their stretchmarks, scars, body rolls, and all-not just the parts we deem acceptable.

Just Around the River Bend

With stability comes security, which is why change can be so hard. But change is constant and necessary.

Something to Celebrate

There is no cookie-cutter mold for a college student. Everyone must go at their own pace.

The Way Things Happen

Believing that things happen for a reason enables us to come to terms with the fact that there are things in life we just can’t account for or control.

The Red Shawl Solidarity Project

The Red Shawl Solidarity Project serves to honor survivors and bring awareness to domestic and sexual violence in Indigenous communities. Pass it on.

Ethics in Action – Creating Solutions

Safeguarding the environment and treaty rights requires a multifaceted approach, including finding common ground, organizing, and taking direct action.

Inclusion > Exclusion

If educators are serious about maximizing opportunities for growth they should recognize that inclusion is greater than exclusion, as it supports learners as individuals and brings about a functional community process of understanding.

Milestones in the Making

A growth spurt for toddlers can bring some major changes, but the process goes smoother when we have goals to attain and some reward to look forward to-parents included.