Life without Timekeeping

Timekeeping and clocks govern our lives, but a reprieve from deadlines and due dates enables the natural course of events to take its course.

What is the Earth without Art?

Art is integral to who we are as human beings, and a positive outlet in an often negative world.

Light in the Cultural Crossroads

At this cultural crossroads, we must resolve how to address communication gaps so that we can build and maintain partnerships.

How My Moccasins Remind Me to Think Before I Act

At Standing Rock, my moccasins made me aware of where I was with each step.

Thief in the Night

Violence against Indigenous women has plagued Native communities for far too long. It is an unsettling issue that we must confront.

I Will Survive!

Potty training can crack even the most patient parent. And potty training twins is double the trouble. But we can all find the inspiration to endure in Gloria Gaynor’s classic hit song.

Teachings from Snakes with Pretty Skin

In the name of money and without regard for the Earth, companies will slither their way around Indian communities. The Dakota Access Pipeline is the latest such encroachment.

Ball Is Life

Sport and athletics have always been a core part of who we are as Native people. For the sake of our community and spiritual health, we should all look for ways to encourage athletic activities in our local communities.

Ambition & Aspiration

Education is empowerment—and tribal colleges offer Native students an avenue to academic success and greater self-determination.

Two-Eyed Seeing

It falls upon us as Native students of science to conduct meaningful research for our Native communities.