Money Tree Dreams

Education these days is expensive. But there are many scholarships and grants for Native students—and there are advisors, counselors, and even apps to help you find them.

Stress and Relief

We all need to detach every once in a while to keep our sanity. Enjoy your spring break, and keep that sense of renewed energy going by remembering that you can’t take care of anyone or anything else if you don’t take care of yourself first!

Native Americans in Science: A Talk from Cellular Biologist David Burgess, Ph.D.

During their academic careers, tribal college students will encounter obstacles that are often simply beyond their control. But through perseverance, such obstacles are surmountable.

Winds of Change

Swim against the current. Face the storm head on. Take care of the little things and don’t let assimilation kill our soul.

Courage for Advocacy

Passion is something every college student has in varying degrees. As tribal college students, we must have the courage to advocate for our passions.

Seizing the Opportunity, Thank You TCJ

In her final post, TCJ Student’s blogger, Shaina Nez, says goodbye and welcomes her successor.

Why Tribal Colleges Matter

The founders of the tribal college movement fought and worked hard to create new educational institutions for Native people. As tribal college alumni, it is our duty to support and appreciate the opportunity our education affords.

Honoring Our Elders

November is Native American Heritage Month. This year, let’s celebrate our elders, who are the beholders of sacred knowledge, songs, and prayers, and with that are the leaders and true storytellers of the people.

Dear Native Women, We Are Resilient

Today, imagery of Native women is dominated by films like Disney’s Pocahontas. It’s a continuing controversy for many of us.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas doesn’t make sense for American Indians. Instead, let’s proclaim the holiday Indigenous People’s Day, and celebrate who we are as Native peoples.