Honoring Our Elders

November is Native American Heritage Month. This year, let’s celebrate our elders, who are the beholders of sacred knowledge, songs, and prayers, and with that are the leaders and true storytellers of the people.

Dear Native Women, We Are Resilient

Today, imagery of Native women is dominated by films like Disney’s Pocahontas. It’s a continuing controversy for many of us.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas doesn’t make sense for American Indians. Instead, let’s proclaim the holiday Indigenous People’s Day, and celebrate who we are as Native peoples.

The Importance of Spirituality

About a week and a half ago, I attended a Native American Church ceremony for my paternal uncle. It had been a year since I attended a ceremony, and this was one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Growing up, both of my families praised and practiced in the Native American Church. These practices have built…

Walking the Red Path in Education

A new college semester begins for many of you and I hope you’re very excited. New classes, new beginnings, and new knowledge—embrace every opportunity that crosses your path, it could lead to more amazing ventures. A good friend of mine decided to continue her educational path by transferring to another institution. I know she’s feeling a bit nervous. However I’m…

Diné bizaadísh dinitsʼaʼ? Diné bizaad doo shił bééhózin da From a Non-Navajo Speaker

I was a bit frustrated with the 2014 Navajo Nation elections in regards to Chris Deschene being disqualified for not being a fluent speaker of the Navajo language. He has the educational qualifications to lead the nation. However, language fluency is the most important qualification and that’s what he lacks. About a year has passed and I have learned that…

Harvey’s Jewelry: A Continuing Legacy

Art has always been a legacy in my family. With my grandparents and relatives (both maternal and paternal), art was a natural-born skill.

“Naked Indian” and the Constant Battle of Stereotyping

Stereotypes can often have devastating effects on the youngest and most vulnerable people in our communities. TCU students have an important role to play in combatting negative portrayals and being the change we all want to see.

My Weapon (Imagination)

Fresh out of college with an English degree and living back home on the reservation with few opportunities. Sherman Alexie’s work connects me to my writing and my homeland, enabling my survival.

Building Bonds by Creating Tribal College Student Organizations

In this inaugural installment of her new blog, “Red Storyteller,” TCJ student intern Shaina Nez (Dine’) offers her perspective of how tribal college student organizations enhance the cultural values and traditions of students’ respective tribes.