The Stories We Share

In her farewell blog post for, IAIA student Scarlett Cortez reflects back on the past year and what it means to share your lived experiences with others.

The Way We See Things

There’s a difference between being complacent and accepting an outcome, versus accepting an outcome but then seeing what you can do better next time around.

Community in Competition

The AIHEC student conference is about much more than mere competition. It’s about building bonds and friendships with other tribal college students from around the country.

Healthy Habits in Relationships

Sometimes relationships can be abusive. Make sure that the bonds you form are healthy and happy.

On the Right Track

From coping with stress to building a support network, it’s important to set yourself up for success at the beginning of the semester.

Leaving Resolutions in the Past

For 2019, try setting goals instead of declaring resolutions.

Constant Growth

Self-reflection through poetry can help us through difficult times—and remind us of happiness to come.

Where I Come From

Sometimes, when thinking about where we’re headed, it’s important to reflect on where we come from.

Time to Heal

For many, the holiday season serves as a reminder of the ones who have passed on. But just because they aren’t here physically, doesn’t mean their spirits aren’t with us.

A Moment in History

We as Indigenous people have always seen the value and strength of women, but after our recent election it’s amazing to see the rest of the U.S. finally starting to realize this.

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