Zip Lip Syndrome

More than anywhere, college campuses should be safe havens where students are free to speak out.

Comfort Zones

We students are like the poles of a tipi, leaning on each other for stability-especially as we find our own niche outside of our comfort zone.

The Longest Journey

By investing in yourself and your education, tribal college students are contributing to the resilience of Native communities.

Bad Spirits

Avoiding the pitfalls of addiction can be a challenge for Native students, but the tribal community can serve as a safety net.

Graduate School + Twins = The Ultimate Challenge

While having twins while in college is a challenge, I have found that no matter where my educational goals take me I can bring my family along on the journey.

Feeding Little Monsters, I Mean Toddlers

In the mind of my toddlers, they have all the power. Little do they know, Mommy has some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to getting this dynamic duo to eat a good meal.

Heirloom Jewels: Utterances of our Elders

Oral traditions should be cherished, and we should do our part to protect and preserve them.

Scaling the Motivation Mountain

Summer is here again and it’s a break from the classroom, but not a break from learning.

I Am an Ancestor’s Dream

Change, especially institutional change, takes time-and instead of just throwing our hands up in the air we should take it slow, each of us has our own roles to play.

What Is in a Name?

I have been told by my elders that traditional names are how our ancestors watch over us, giving us a fundamental connection to our people, our places, and our own selves.

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