Reach for the Stars

<em>Reach for the Stars</em>

Small Hopes Shine Brightest

Theresa started the old ’87 Ford on a late February afternoon, after her shift at the bank had ended. An old beaten pickup, the ’87 saw most of the family’s troubles from start to finish, argument to makeup. Nowadays there wasn’t much to be celebrating. The small yet complete family had barely anything out of necessity to their name, and…


I never got used to the helicopters Yesterday I watched them all afternoon from the roof, in lines— no clouds but helicopters, in lines droning north & south & birds singing echo songs to the neighbor building’s canyon I started to hate them when they followed us, & realized they were for us, when we began to march, in the…

True Pride Reality

Umonhon Blue Ribbon

Bye Bye Ronnie


Side Line

<em>Side Line</em>

Noodin and Giizhik

There once was a pup that belonged to a large pack of ma’iinganag (wolves), he was called Noodin (wind) because he wandered like the wind. He was covered in dark tan fur with black on his back. Noodin wandered around the forest, wherever his nose led him. He was a loner and had a bad temper. Sometimes, Noodin revealed a…

The Coming of Big Foot

There was once a young man named Strikes Twice. He was at the edge of the village chopping wood when he heard a cry coming from a forbidden part of the woods. No human was ever to cross through this forbidden area. The piercing scream startled him, it almost sounded like a baby, and he felt that he had to…

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