Texier’s Travels

The Parisian spends an afternoon in a magnolia grove glowing with ivory blooms. His hunting shirt is purple, embroidered with orange flowers and the morning star. He wants an Osage girl for a few piasters, a buffalo hunt, an Indian’s skull. In lemon-scented shade, he dreams the New World, a rattler at his feet. Ruby Hansen Murray (“They don’t know…

Altruism: Alvin Adakai

<em>Altruism: Alvin Adakai</em>

Sunset Paint Puddles

<em>Sunset Paint Puddles</em>

Dream Stealer

<em>Dream Stealer</em>

Angela Scraping her Caribou Hide

<em>Angela Scraping her Caribou Hide</em>

The Other One

<em>The Other One</em>

The Struggle Within

<em>The Struggle Within</em>

New Jams, New Jewelry

<em>New Jams, New Jewelry</em>

2015 Introduction by LeAnn Howe

A little over a decade ago I published “The Story of America: A Tribalography,” discussing how Native authors pull together all the elements of their tribe—meaning the people, the land, multiple characters, and all their manifestations and revelations—and connect these in past, present, and future milieus. I argued that “tribalography” comes from the Native propensity for bringing things together, for…

The Rez Cat M

Mosi often remembers his past when his ears start twitching. He goes day to day sleeping most of the time. There isn’t much to do in a kennel anyway. He hears his fellow felines rub against their wire cages wanting to go free. Being on death row didn’t matter anymore. He sought peace now. A flicker of hope arrived when…

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