Flute Player

<em>Flute Player</em>



My World View

<em>My World View</em>

Flirting with Running

In discounted sneakers, Fred Meyer yoga pants, a tank top from a second-hand store, and an extra-supportive sports bra inherited from a fellow MFA student whose husband works for Patagonia, I am relieving residency tensions by flirting with morning running. Flirting, because a flirtation has benefits that a commitment negates—i.e., I don’t feel compelled to invest in pretty gear; whenever…

My “Cool” Mom

I had a cool mom growing up. I don’t mean cool like she let me have ice cream for breakfast or let me have slumber parties on school nights. For me, cool is more of a cover-up which I don’t have to explain to others. They normally don’t ask me to, they just laugh it off because they only know…

Chief Sitting Bull

<em>Chief Sitting Bull</em>

Changed My Perspective

Being Navajo was just my ethnicity, nothing more, until I had finished a semester at Diné College. I knew some words of the language, my clans, the Navajo wedding basket, weaving, and traditional attire, but I did not know the significant meanings or teachings behind them. It was the classes I took that changed my perspective on who I was,…

Cheii’s House

Walking into house It smells like cedar and soap Forgets all troubles Samantha Mitchell is a single parent of two beautiful children who motivate her to pursue her degree so that she can provide a better life for them. She is half Navajo and half Apache. Her clans are Chishi Nishli, Kinyaa’aanii Bashishchiin, Tabaaha Dashicheii, and Tacii’nii Dashinali. A student…

The Fox

To a young teenage girl, the last ten minutes of school on a Friday take a billion years. I tried to listen to the teacher, but my mind kept wandering. I always get really anxious to get home and pack when I know Grandpa and Uncle will be waiting when I get there. Oh, how I love it that Grandpa…

To be an:

Overarching assumption restricted to stigmA Reluctantly given access to the American dreaM Ironically, only reserved for their first refugE Granted rights and ownership but revised on papeR Involuntarily added to cultural genocide alumnI Neglected healthy natural diet until clinically diabetiC Accepted only as mascots or subjective academiA Loathed because we all happened to survive extinctioN James T. Vallie was born…