Put a Feather On it

By LeRoy Grafe of the Institute of American Indian Arts

Dead Squirrel Theatre

My friend Jon and I were in one of our moods of being destructive little men wreaking havoc on the small town of Ontonagon.



Autumn’s Reign

All I knew was that I lost one of my best friends. Then, I cried hard, like a dam bursting.

A Visit from Grandma

There was a strange but familiar smell, it was a mixture of musky perfume, sage, and beef soup. I knew for sure who it was in my kitchen, and it wasn’t a burglar, it was my Grandma.

What’s Better Left Unsaid

And one day she was sure she’d come to love her baby too. It was a bit of cosmic mercy in the midst of hell.

Turtle Mountain Blessing

As the evening star appeared, the despair that she’d kept locked in a fist grip behind her moved in close, as if the tiny light had beckoned it forward.

What a Night

Wade Shannah of Navajo Technical University won the 2018 TCJ Student Film Contest with his creatively frenzied and edgy horror-noir picture What a Night.



Tree of Life

Tree of Life
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