Put a Feather On it

By LeRoy Grafe of the Institute of American Indian Arts

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle

Dead Squirrel Theatre

My friend Jon and I were in one of our moods of being destructive little men wreaking havoc on the small town of Ontonagon.



Autumn’s Reign

All I knew was that I lost one of my best friends. Then, I cried hard, like a dam bursting.

A Visit from Grandma

There was a strange but familiar smell, it was a mixture of musky perfume, sage, and beef soup. I knew for sure who it was in my kitchen, and it wasn’t a burglar, it was my Grandma.

What’s Better Left Unsaid

And one day she was sure she’d come to love her baby too. It was a bit of cosmic mercy in the midst of hell.

Turtle Mountain Blessing

As the evening star appeared, the despair that she’d kept locked in a fist grip behind her moved in close, as if the tiny light had beckoned it forward.

What a Night

Wade Shannah of Navajo Technical University won the 2018 TCJ Student Film Contest with his creatively frenzied and edgy horror-noir picture What a Night.

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