Cheii’s House

Walking into house It smells like cedar and soap Forgets all troubles Samantha Mitchell is a single parent of two beautiful children who motivate her to pursue her degree so that she can provide a better life for them. She is half Navajo and half Apache. Her clans are Chishi Nishli, Kinyaa’aanii Bashishchiin, Tabaaha Dashicheii, and Tacii’nii Dashinali. A student…

The Fox

To a young teenage girl, the last ten minutes of school on a Friday take a billion years. I tried to listen to the teacher, but my mind kept wandering. I always get really anxious to get home and pack when I know Grandpa and Uncle will be waiting when I get there. Oh, how I love it that Grandpa…

To be an:

Overarching assumption restricted to stigmA Reluctantly given access to the American dreaM Ironically, only reserved for their first refugE Granted rights and ownership but revised on papeR Involuntarily added to cultural genocide alumnI Neglected healthy natural diet until clinically diabetiC Accepted only as mascots or subjective academiA Loathed because we all happened to survive extinctioN James T. Vallie was born…

Unwanted Marriage

Watching the sun go down made me feel warm inside, seeing how the colors look on the mesas. What beautiful colors the sunlight makes, like purple on the lower layer, turning to a soft pink color. His arm around my shoulder made me feel warm like the sunset. The colors were dimming, telling us we ought to go home soon….

Where the Dragons Live

I live on the south side of a peninsula, on the borders of society, subtle changes from boulders to sand. Witness the exchange of forces between the tide and the moon, follow the tracks of the wary animals calling this place home, mine so insignificant and out of place not abiding to the unspoken agreement between predator and prey, more…


I awoke from a very intense wet dream. No, this is not what you sick-minded freaks are thinking of. This was a dream so vivid that all of my senses went into overdrive. This exhilarating, yet disturbing dream caught me by surprise. I have never dreamt in color. In the dream, I was a charcoal-gray wolf, running free, the cold…

Learning to Be Silent

Where I came from I don’t know. Sometimes I existed in the present, at other times I seemed untethered from my conscious mind. I recall a black kerosene stove sitting in a moat of light at the rear of the one room where our family of five lived. The two older children helped with chores. Because I was the youngest…



Another World

<em>Another World</em>

We Still Exist

<em>We Still Exist</em>