2019 AIHEC Student Conference Poetry Slam

Resting Teachings

You spent your last moments where you belonged.
Resting quietly with the sleeping plants,
you returned to the land.


How small we must have looked to you
from way up there. Our true, cruel humanity
revealed as we rocketed you skyward.

Homing In

I fly, silver wings above clouds,
tracking yesterday through winds
tuned to stellar frequency—

The Empty Plate

Later on my mother called me and my two older brothers into the bedroom to tell us our father went to heaven.


Coyote reminds us you need a little crazy;
And a laugh or two.


Land of Enchantment Rural Route 53 – Westbound 55 mph Isolated with pot holes A jack rabbit scurries across Ditat Dues – God Enriches Stateline – Westbound – I-40 75 mph Fast pace Small. Big. Large. Semis Travel Stops to the Left Southbound Border Patrol Deterring. Detecting. Apprehending Enforcement. Protection Port of Entry Early Morning Dawn – Field Workers Eureka!…

All Alone

Got so much pain more than I can contain Put that little bloodsucker back on my vein Yeah I’m supposed to be happy of course But I’m hyperventilating put me to bed by force. Hate waking up, I’ll sleep thru day Drown me and leave me by the bay Let my body appear by the shore. How much more loneliness…

Doing Time

There are liquid nooses that drip from the roof tops in White Clay. Entwined are the bodies of many Lakota men and women who purchased an addiction by paying with their lives. She is held without bond within the four bars of White Clay, Nebraska. A state run incorrectional institution built upon addiction and paid for by the people who…

Shímásáni Clara

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