Forgotten Gender

Gender comes and goes in different forms. Don’t feel lost or bad because this is what you are. To the ones that tried to force us out or forget us; you thought wrong. We are here to stay, together we are one. We will fight for what’s right because we’re not the forgotten gender. But the one to be forever…

Not Your TV Indian

Why are we the only ones who have to prove we exist? So many of us equate our Indianness with our blood quantum Our self-worth hanging on the edge of that number Like show horses or breeding dogs An imaginary percentage stamped on us by BIA agents Prove it on paper, they said And yet, my carrying a card Still…

Computer Struggles

Error 404 Page is not available Checking connection Shut down computer Computer software update Program is working Memory space low Searching for a new hard drive Price is expensive Simple crash ruins Calling tech support for help Looking to upgrade Ryan D. Nez is a student at Navajo Technical University.


Stuck, in the middle of two generations. One battled to save us. The other turning the corner of Democracy and Independence. Recovering from betrayal and demanding progress, We live more fortunate than before. Unappreciative of our prolific life, nonchalantly disregarding our future. Creating a destiny Without commitment or concern. The freedom we received through countless moments of strife thoughtlessly disregarded….


If my cuts could spell. I’d have more letters than the alphabet. And more words than any dictionary could hold. If my head wasn’t constantly jumbling words and slurring phases, maybe I could focus. Focus on the other me sitting up half past three waiting for me to wake up and start all over again. Start from the day I…

a place of dust and moon shadows lived between us

your headbutt “um” eclipsed the place where i thought to stand and dumped chilled bone-sand over my words, grains ticking into my eyeballs a glass reflecting only you as your shadow hallow graced my face even as i suffered the silence of my own mouth my toes beside yours on the floorboards of night your gemini reciprocities hung bloated between…

Laying a Breathless Body to Rest

2019 AIHEC Student Conference Poetry Slam

Resting Teachings

You spent your last moments where you belonged.
Resting quietly with the sleeping plants,
you returned to the land.

Homing In

I fly, silver wings above clouds,
tracking yesterday through winds
tuned to stellar frequency—

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