The Language We Use

The professor from College of Menominee Nation explains why choosing the right words matters.

Preserving Knowledge One Story at a Time 

The professor from College of Menominee Nation reminds us of a historian’s power and responsibility.

The Art of Writing Correctly

As both an art and a discipline, the best writers study and adhere to proper grammar.

Seizing the Power Within the First Amendment

Whenever necessary, may we each have the courage to raise our voice and beat our drum in the face of moral adversity.

When Meeting Matters

The professor from College of Menominee Nation explains how art and culture require more than a digital connection.

Speaking the Truth Gives Us Power

For Native people, initiating positive change by speaking the truth to those in positions of power is a time-honored, traditional practice.

How to Conclude

Putting the final touches on an essay can sometimes be the most challenging step in the writing process. Here are a few tips aspiring writers.

Writing to Shift the Paradigm: Retraction is Not the New Rebuttal

Through discourse and the written word, we can combat misinformation and change the trajectory of the conversation.

Why Every Good Writer Must Be a Great Reader

Writers whose bookshelves know no boundaries have the toolset to produce engaging, powerful, and resonating works that employ the best of all genre conventions.

Forming a Writers’ Group

Writing is often perceived as a solitary activity-but it doesn’t have to be. Forming a writers’ group provides a space where we can evaluate which creative flames should be fanned and which should be extinguished.

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