The Truth About Memoirs

As writers, we seek to capture a moment before it passes. In no genre is this more important than when we’re writing autobiographically.

The Truth About Poetry

Poetry is power, and today the absence of confining genre rules means we’re living in a time of poetic freedom that’s unlike any other.

Playwriting, Part Two: Avoiding the Theatrical Pitfalls of a Beginning Playwright

There are many common pitfalls that can limit a beginning playwright’s potential. Here are some tips to consider when writing a play.

Playwriting, Part One: Setting the Stage in Your Community

Playwriting gives Native voices an expanded platform to tell stories, air grievances, and harness the power of the spoken word.

The Art of Critique Writing, Part Two: A Level Playing Field

Media critiquing isn’t a spectator sport. And when reviewing a book, film, or work of art, we must remember that our strength comes not from the size of our font, but from our ability to be objective in our conclusions.

The Art of Critique Writing Part One: Why We Need Critics

Artists need our help. Their work is inherently collaborative, because it requires an audience to consume it and search for its meaning. Some art is compelling, but often a work resonates loudest once critique writers like us interpret the virtues of its artistic expression. The words we write can encourage others to engage, and through our craft we help amplify…

Fiction Writing’s Great Expectations

Every work of fiction could be titled, Great Expectations. If a story is the meeting place where the reader and writer mingle, then that title encompasses all aspirations. Of course that’s not to say that writers need to emulate the plot of Charles Dickens’ 19th-century novel, but rather that its name should remind us of our responsibility as wordsmiths. Simply…

Making Our Writing Sing: The Revision Process

Writing takes time, talent, and persistence. Some would-be writers focus too much on a perceived lack of time, claiming they’d create great texts if they weren’t so busy with other things. Others admit to a talent deficiency, stating that “writer’s block” has barred them from going back to their keyboards. Yet successful writers know that persistence is the key to…

“The Fierce Urgency of Now”: Persuasive Writing

We writers are passionate advocates for our causes. We post to social media, compose essays for classes, and circulate our views in tribal college and university (TCU) publications. Some of us have written words that instigate change, but too many of us see our aspirations fail to reach fruition. We may get discouraged by our readers’ inaction, and that’s understandable….

Content Development with a Twist

The best writing doesn’t simply navigate readers, but rather instills a sense of urgency that compels them forward.

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