Put a Feather On it

By LeRoy Grafe of the Institute of American Indian Arts

Autumn’s Reign

All I knew was that I lost one of my best friends. Then, I cried hard, like a dam bursting.

What’s Better Left Unsaid

And one day she was sure she’d come to love her baby too. It was a bit of cosmic mercy in the midst of hell.

Turtle Mountain Blessing

As the evening star appeared, the despair that she’d kept locked in a fist grip behind her moved in close, as if the tiny light had beckoned it forward.

Strawberry Fields

Choking on ditch weed, riding the clutch, and cranking the Beatles, we were off with Geoff perched on top of his car roof.

Homing In

I fly, silver wings above clouds,
tracking yesterday through winds
tuned to stellar frequency—

Live How You Wish

After a time his anger and embarrassment turned to a melancholic blanket of regret. He now wanted to find relief from his actions more than an explanation for them.


Coyote reminds us you need a little crazy;
And a laugh or two.


By Clinton Desiderio of Navajo Technical University


By Marcus Redwing of Nebraska Indian Community College

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