Grown from ancestral clay,
arising through cracked earth,
reaching toward falling stars.

Unknown to the daisy,
she’s the last of her kind,
still she grows toward the sky.

This beautiful flower
has one last protector.
A boy.
He wants only life,
filled with life.
But brothers and sisters
demand that existence
bow before their will.

This beautiful daisy—
her protector is young and naïve.
He believes
in angels and demons.
Unknown to the boy,
they dwell within
his own heart.

is grateful
for every moment.
is so thankful
for having a chance,
to exist with beauty.

But he
can only stand so long,
against those hard falling hands
of his people.

He tries,
and tries again,
but their hands,
they fall too far,
crushing the boy and his dream.

Now she
is plucked from ancestral clay,
devoured by the people
who destroyed her boy.

And now, the final flower,
consumed by the powerful,
fades with them
into self-inflicted

Clay turns to ash.
People die of thirst,
faded with the flower,
last to walk the earth.

Clay turned to ash.
People are no more,
jaded with the daisy,
returned to mother.

circles round.
flows for eons.
And now Time
is the savior
of life…

Ash turns to clay,
as waters fall again,
down from fallen stars,
washing earth within.

Ash turned to clay.
Waters fall frozen,
melting on the surface,
of a beautiful,
newborn flower.

Loga Fixico is a student of environmental science at Salish Kootenai College and an aspiring musician. She has been writing stories since grade school and poetry since age 17. “Although I’d written for many years, my true passion didn’t show itself until I first attended college in 2004,” she says. “Here, I was exposed to composition and was shown a world of writing that wasn’t completely confined by conventions and grammar. This would be the catalyst to my poetic career. I have now written hundreds of pieces and continue to write every day, growing with every word I write.” She is currently at work on a novel, and says that each chapter is a journey. “I find writing to be one of the greatest ways I express myself by not only writing about things themselves,” she says, “but by delving into worlds created by those things about which you write.”

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