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  • Self Reflection by Casandra Artichoker of Sinte Gleska University


    Forgotten Gender

    Garrison Bennett

    Gender comes and goes in different forms. Don’t feel lost or bad because this is what you are. To the ones that tried to force us out or forget us; you thought wrong. We are here to stay, together we are one. We will fight for what’s right because we’re not the forgotten gender. But the one to be forever…

  • Cansasa Wakan, Keep Tobacco Sacred by Marissa Irizarry of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Not Your TV Indian

    Miranda Lauren Saunders

    Why are we the only ones who have to prove we exist? So many of us equate our Indianness with our blood quantum Our self-worth hanging on the edge of that number Like show horses or breeding dogs An imaginary percentage stamped on us by BIA agents Prove it on paper, they said And yet, my carrying a card Still…

  • She by Moriah Thompson of Sitting Bull College


    Hunter: Amira

    Chyann Haas

    Amira awoke with a start. Smoke was billowing out of her shattered bedroom window. She scrambled out of her straw bed and made her way to the broken window frame. The sight before her was enough to make an adult cry. Her town was ablaze and the people in the street screamed as if invisible forces were upon them. Her…

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