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  • Introduction to Scribblism by Mars Sandoval of Salish Kootenai College


    Computer Struggles

    Ryan D. Nez

    Error 404 Page is not available Checking connection Shut down computer Computer software update Program is working Memory space low Searching for a new hard drive Price is expensive Simple crash ruins Calling tech support for help Looking to upgrade Ryan D. Nez is a student at Navajo Technical University.

  • Rock by Crystal Teller of Dine' College


    The Cleaning Bot

    Monica Pelcher

    *BEEP BEEP BEEP* The earth-shattering noise of Thomas’ alarm clock beeped, loud enough for the entire house to hear. Thomas tiredly rolled over and hit the snooze for the third time that morning. Five more minutes and I’ll get up, he thought to himself as he slowly dozed back off into his dreams. “Thomas! Get your butt up now or…

  • Wilhemena of the Summit by Deborah Teller-Tsosie of Diné College


    You, Wynter Adalyne Lulamae Shepherd

    Tyranni A. Shepherd

    You were the biggest surprise. You survived a full term plus two weeks without me knowing. I found out about You on Your birthday, February 7, 2017. I was scared and confused and not sure what to do. But when I met You at 8:13 p.m., You were 8 pounds and 6 ounces, 21 ½ inches long; I was sure…

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    Jasmine Neosh

    This year is the start of a new decade and a new chapter for the world in which our actions become more important than ever.

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  • Lighting the Way

    Jasmine Neosh

    Children often speak with courage and clarity that can inspire and teach us how to be better stewards of our environment.

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  • Too Good to Waste

    Jasmine Neosh

    Composting is another way to cut down on waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and create nutrient-rich soil to boot.

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