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  • Introduction to Scribblism by Mars Sandoval of Salish Kootenai College


    Computer Struggles

    Ryan D. Nez

    Error 404 Page is not available Checking connection Shut down computer Computer software update Program is working Memory space low Searching for a new hard drive Price is expensive Simple crash ruins Calling tech support for help Looking to upgrade Ryan D. Nez is a student at Navajo Technical University.

  • Welcome to the Void by Tyrone Bass of Little Priest Tribal College



    Christopher Crow Eagle

    Stuck, in the middle of two generations. One battled to save us. The other turning the corner of Democracy and Independence. Recovering from betrayal and demanding progress, We live more fortunate than before. Unappreciative of our prolific life, nonchalantly disregarding our future. Creating a destiny Without commitment or concern. The freedom we received through countless moments of strife thoughtlessly disregarded….

  • She by Moriah Thompson of Sitting Bull College


    Hunter: Amira

    Chyann Haas

    Amira awoke with a start. Smoke was billowing out of her shattered bedroom window. She scrambled out of her straw bed and made her way to the broken window frame. The sight before her was enough to make an adult cry. Her town was ablaze and the people in the street screamed as if invisible forces were upon them. Her…

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