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  • Tree of Life by Brooke McNae of College of the Muscogee Nation

    Memoir / Narrative

    Autumn’s Reign

    Shayla Gayton

    All I knew was that I lost one of my best friends. Then, I cried hard, like a dam bursting.

  • Dream Colors by Debberona Begaye of Navajo Technical University


    What’s Better Left Unsaid

    Alyza Grant

    And one day she was sure she’d come to love her baby too. It was a bit of cosmic mercy in the midst of hell.

  • Mo by Moriah Thompson of Sitting Bull College


    Turtle Mountain Blessing

    Celeste Keplin

    As the evening star appeared, the despair that she’d kept locked in a fist grip behind her moved in close, as if the tiny light had beckoned it forward.

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    Jasmine Neosh

    Returning to one’s ancestral homeland offers time for reflection, but also reminds us that even these sacred places are often threatened.

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  • Decolonize Your Work Ethic

    Jasmine Neosh

    There’s an overwhelming amount of work to do in Indian Country, which is why it’s vital to take breathers and connect with nature.

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  • The Future is Indigenous

    Jasmine Neosh

    There is much to be done, but by working together we can create the future we envision.

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