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  • Untitled by Erik Sanchez of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Finite Sunshine for a Forgetful Mind

    Angie Brown

    Every morning started out the same in the Lumbee’s home. The familiar sound of bacon sizzling on the stove as the comforting aroma of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee lingered throughout the house. Mrs. L, always ahead of the early bird, would be finishing off breakfast by the time Mr. L and their daughter Katie arrived in the kitchen. “Good morning…

  • Cansasa Wakan, Keep Tobacco Sacred by Marissa Irizarry of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Not Your TV Indian

    Miranda Lauren Saunders

    Why are we the only ones who have to prove we exist? So many of us equate our Indianness with our blood quantum Our self-worth hanging on the edge of that number Like show horses or breeding dogs An imaginary percentage stamped on us by BIA agents Prove it on paper, they said And yet, my carrying a card Still…

  • Depth of Field by Alisha Valdez of the Institute of American Indian Arts


    Open Field Playground

    Debra L. Tolino

    Thirty-six years ago, one of the challenges I had to overcome was moving from Farmington, New Mexico, to a remote area called Whitehorse Lake community. At first, it was hard to adapt with no electricity or running water. I grew up with oil lamps and Coleman lanterns for lighting. While growing up in Whitehorse Lake, I herded sheep for my…

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