Sometimes Mountains Need to Cry

Looking into the distance, the ground looks as if it bumps the sky
Solitude and vigilance can be a fierce force
She rises every morning with the breath of the middle star
Always silent amongst the rumble
Reaching tall, standing still against movement
Strength beyond ancestors
She is the meaning of completion
Unfoldment, blossoming up to the Northern Lights
Generations of rivers changing effortlessly, birth waterfalls
Stone beings in love, embody compassion
Radiance through storms of light and wind
Lightning throws power across her face
Never turning, just like an island in the middle of the plains
Fire is passion burning down pain
It cleanses, it abandons
Rain, mist, melting ice
Water flows down the crevices and valleys
Racing down the edge of her cliffs
Falling into a pool of forgotten tears
Refection of time, past, future
Sight inside her universe
Silent, alone, majestic, abandoned
Creation stories, end time stories
Joy, anger, birth, death, happiness, loneliness
Cleanse, peace, thunder, renewal
Her strength lasts forever
Pain and tears echo in memory to keep sacred the vulnerability of courage
Clarity is born through devastation
This is truth
Because sometimes mountains need to cry.

Donna Hall is a double major at the Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM). Majoring in Indigenous Liberal Studies and Creative Writing, she plans to become an author of both non-fiction and fictional creation stories as well as a poet.

A single mother of two, she focuses on the well-being of her children’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Her son Kyler, 16, is attending his first semester at a college in Santa Fe and plans to go into the medical field. He was inspired by his mother going back to school at 40. Inspired by him, his little sister wants to go on to be a “creative writing veterinarian.” Donna Hall is inspired by the little things in life, and in addition to her family, she owes her newfound aspirations to her mentor, Stephen Wall.

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