Red Fox

blinded by their moonless night
struggles to see.
Even distant stars
fail to give them a picture.

Humanity hurdles down its Black Road,
urgently seeking a destination.

Their starless night shrouds everything…
as they rip through the world around them.
Humanity runs oblivious and silent,
without the moon and stars,
their blind state soothes smitten eyes,
and its Tragedy begins.

A Red Fox crosses before them.
In a hurry, they do not see their brother,
nor even hear his cry as this Black Road,
devours another life.

Loga Fixico is a student of environmental science at Salish Kootenai College (SKC, Pablo, MT) and an aspiring musician. She has been writing stories since grade school and poetry since age 17. “Although I’d written for many years, my true passion didn’t show itself until I first attended college in 2004,” she says. “Here, I was exposed to composition and was shown a world of writing that wasn’t completely confined by conventions and grammar. This would be the catalyst to my poetic career. I have now written hundreds of pieces and continue to write every day, growing with every word I write.” She is currently at work on a novel, and says that each chapter is a journey. “I find writing to be one of the greatest ways I express myself by not only writing about things themselves,” she says, “but by delving into worlds created by those things about which you write.”

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