Sacred Warrior

Sacred Warrior by Bryson Meyers

“Sacred Warrior” is one of fifty pieces in Bryson Meyers’ photographic collection, “Sacred Fire.” Meyers has been working on this collection since December 2012. Since he was young, he has been fascinated with fire—both its aesthetic qualities and the role that it serves in community and ceremony. When he danced on the powwow circuit, Meyers and friends would sit around the fire and tell stories. Out of these gatherings came the idea for “Sacred Warrior” and his entire “Sacred Fire” collection. In developing this work, Meyers recognizes the importance of the creator for “the flame that burns on mother earth and replenishes life. And the flame of life that burns within our bodies to warm others through the stories around the fire and the circle of life.” For more on Meyers’ work, like him on Facebook.

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