The Bark Gallery

Spot and Eddie were walking side by side at an art gallery. They were walking in a bright room with various paintings on the walls. Spot was a Brittany Spaniel with a white undercoat and brown fur covering most of his head and his back. Eddie was a Jack Russell Terrier with a white coat which covered his whole body, except for the brown fur which covered around each of his eyes all the way back behind each ear.

Spot was much taller than his friend Eddie. Spot walked slowly as he stepped so Eddie could keep up with him. Eddie’s feet stepped quickly as the two dogs walked down a hallway. The floor was made of a recently stained cedar. It lit up as the bright overhead lights shined down. The overhead lights were hanging from the ceiling. The bulbs were surrounded with a white cone shaped cover. The walls were painted white recently too. This hallway, as well as the rest of the gallery, was very bright to ensure the paintings could be well seen.

“Oh, look at this painting,” said Eddie. “It’s a bunch of other dogs playing poker.”

Spot laughed. “Of course it is,” he replied. “Half the paintings here are of dogs playing poker.”

Eddie laughed too. “I know,” he said. “Why does everyone think we dogs just sit around playing poker?”

“I know,” said Spot. “Just look at this painting. There are seven dogs of various breeds just sitting around a poker table while drinking from bottles and smoking from pipes and cigars. Dogs can’t even drink from bottles very well,” he laughed again.

Eddie walked to the next painting. “Look at this one. It’s the evolution of how the wolf turned into a dog.” Spot walked up and saw a painting of ancient wolves as they transitioned into modern wolves and then into various dog species including the Husky, the German Shepard, and even the Chihuahua.

Spot laughed. “I can’t believe there are those who believe we evolved from wolves.”

“I know,” said Eddie. “It’s obvious we were created from God. Why else would dog spell god backwards?”

“Exactly,” replied Spot. Spot moved on to the next painting. “Hey, hey, look what we have here.”

Eddie giggled. He began panting while his tail wagged quickly. He howled a little as he spoke his first word. “Whoa! She’s a beauty.” The painting was of a Golden Retriever who was laying on her back and looking forward with her tongue off to the side. She was wearing four pink bras.

“Now that’s one bitch I’d like to play ball with,” said Spot.

“I bet that bitch can carry two balls in her mouth,” replied Eddie.

“Yeah,” said Spot. “Oh look, another painting of dogs playing poker.”

“How typical,” Eddie replied. “This place is boring. I mean other than that painting of that hot bitch,” he chuckled. “You want to get out of here?”

“Yeah,” said Spot. “What do you want to do?”

“Well,” said Eddie. “How about we play blackjack?”

Chad Wall is a student at Northwest Indian College and where he is pursuing his B.A. in Native studies leadership.

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