This Faint Breath

Darkness entrapment surrounding with noises constantly unaware movements,

At first sight I gasp for the one thing I find divine,

Learning each day how to comprehend the present struggle

Spending every waking minute to be an influence,

Sleepless nights end upon the great fright of authenticity,

To feel, to understand, to believe, this is life,

The deafening silence the warm shell once new,

Now outgrew, cold, and alone.

Back to the eternal grounds,

origin from the past,

Inhale little one, don’t exhale too fast,

Because you never know how long you will last.

Forrest Yazzie is of the Salt, Waters Edge, Mud, and Towering House clans. He studies energy systems at Navajo Technical University and seeks to create more renewable energy sources on the Navajo reservation for a brighter future. 

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