You Scream, I Scream

By Tashina Emery

I zoomed in on the phone screen, the app’s map clear as day said, “Frostie Freeze.” Eric’s tiny character, his bitmoji, was his exact match, a virtual representation of self. Every snap chatter had one, and we spent way too …

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Turkey Buzzard

By Edwin Dale Harris

I am going to tell you a story, a story told to me by my grandfather. I am Dineh, the people of the Southwestern United States. I was told about the animals and their roles or how they became the …

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The Drum

By Kamella Bird-Romero

Tambeh-sedo craves to be heard. Drums live off the tediously ground prayers that are cornmeal. They should soak in fresh air and sunlight daily, given the chance to absorb the happenings of the world. That is how they feed their …

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By Elisa Grossman

Answering my phone, we talked for quite a while, discussing the herbal constituents of a medicinal salve. We exchanged our approval over the importance of agricultural textile hemp and the amazing biproducts that we could focus on if we had …

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Between the Canyon Walls

By Danelle Jishie

Home could be found effortlessly as if my mother pointed a beacon towards the sky to guide us. our summer escapes came in the form of canyon exploration and creek swimming. Possible dangers came from the occasional stranger, a snake …

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Often, I will look at a pen and wonder what is its personality. Every pen has a unique feel, an aura, and personality. When ink meets paper there is a specific interaction depending on what type of pen is in …

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Poetry (poem)

By Ronnie Largo

no matter how fast you go… poetry becomes the long desolate highway that has no end in sight no matter how comfy you are… poetry becomes the uncomfortable feeling in your chair no matter how long you snooze… poetry becomes …

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Grandma’s Basket

By Alyssa Nakai

In her delicate and aged hands, thin strips of three-leaf sumac are carefully laced and woven.   Kóodęę’ hózhǫ́dóo Shitsijí’ hózhǫ́dóo Shikédęę’ hózhǫ́dóo Shikáagí, shiyaagí hozhǫ́dóo T’áá ałtso shinaagóó hózhó dóo’   In beauty I walk With beauty before me …

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All night the buzz of complaining lights keeps us employed. Our days are the drain and water circling. From the foreign places we feel labor, work being done. Cousin wolf sings about pawning love like it is inheritance. A song …

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