Dreaming Bird of Inter Mountain

By Celine F. Guerro

“Within this cage, the killing of her spirit was daily from being forced to speak a language that was not her own and to learn of a culture she was not born into.”

The Lost Child

By Darla Asenbrener

“Unfortunately, it was not long before Samantha learned that the foster home was just as bad, or maybe even worse, than her home with her mother Karen.”


By Brianna G. Reed

“How did he choke you? How did he break your wrist? Did you try calling anyone? When did he start getting violent? Why don’t you move?”


Long Road Home

By Brianna G. Reed

“A man walked into an El Paso Wal-Mart, training his aim on families gearing up for back-to-school. Mothers were armed with carts with new backpacks, markers, glue, and notebooks.”

Little Peculiarities

By Tovah Strong

“A low rumble sounds gradually then all at once the train rounds the corner toward the road. Wind rushes across my face as it tears past. In its wake, the penny spins from the rail, flattened smooth.”

“In languages, we encapsulate the individual and communal mental and spiritual contemplative efforts of a people—each unique.”



By Dana Peterman

“Beautiful skies, red orange ascending into blue, over mirror like waters . . .”

Old Dogs of Taos

By Nelson Alburquenque

“Old dogs of Taos, dream off wounds – together they sleep in shade under clouds, dozing off sunshine in the long shadow of the old earth house.”

a field of insect-i-cides

By Nancy Beauregard

“beneath umbrellas of drooping purple petals, sticks with triangular heads hold curved handles, thin membranes stretch for tiny legs to back—stroke . . .”


Yanni Slayer by Savanah Platero of the Institute of American Indian ArtsA-Vision-of-Peace-by-Henrietta-Wolf-Black-of-Salish-Kootenai-CollegeBeech 18 by Nicholas Bittner of Cankdeska Cikana Community CollegeSoaring to New Heights by Diane Mcleod-Maleport of Aaniiih Nakoda CollegeManana Island by Kukunaokala Begay of Dine' CollegeMock Up 2 by Bryson Meyers of the Institute of American Indian ArtsPandemic Poster by Hannah Kibbe of the Institute of American Indian ArtsEka Mo'O Waipuh Red Hand Woman by Kayla Bointy of Haskell Indian Nations UniversityDaxpitchée by Donnette Medicine Horse of Sitting Bull CollegeIn the Shade House by Sunny Boado of Sinte Gleska UniversityUntitled by DeAnna Suazo of the Institute of American Indian ArtsUntitled by Tyanna Johnson Bullseye of Dine' CollegeSpiritual Embodiment by Suni Sonqo Vizcarra Wood of the Institute of American Indian ArtsUntitled by Ritchie Kaibetoney of Dine' CollegeStoneclad by Patrick Bednark of the Institute of American Indian ArtsPink upon the Hogan by Ritchie Kaibetoney of Dine' CollegeLandscape by Ritchie Kaibetoney of Dine' CollegeLegendary by Patrick Bednark of the Institute of American Indian Arts