“I used to look them up in the obituaries to see if I could find them there. That’s not closure. I mean, hell, you kneel over someone, feel their final warmth through your gloves, stare at their eyes…”


By Tashina Emery

“I might turn into that pregnant summer stereotype “crabby, huge, and miserable” and don’t dare question me in this heat: “How are you pregnant during summer?” I’d punch someone today…”

First Man

By Anthony Ryan Edaakie

“Up to this point, I didn’t think I liked him. I’ve never really had any sort of healthy male relationships, so obviously once I got one, I was determined to keep it forever…”


Listening for Her Loom

By Alyssa Nakai

“It seemed the longer I sat in her room and looked at her deconstructed loom leaned against her empty bed, the more my vision blurred with an unbearable longing for her…”

A Fistfight in Hell

By Markus Altaha

“I will stop at nothing to be in the company of my demons. The rez dogs are still barking. The cars keep flowing. The coffee is still terrible and I am cold…”

Little Light of Mine

By Tashina Emery

“Maybe the first prayers were just stories, talking out loud, speaking internally with closed eyes, or to our cousins around a fire. We had to share. Our voices were power…”


Dear BlueBird Flour

By Kyle White

“Roll out and flatten it quite well! And throw it to the frying death. Self-maintaining Manifest Destiny. Lip-smacking Indian delight. Suffocate us with your trauma. Give us our daily simple carbs…”

Be the Muse for Once

By Pte San Win Little Whiteman

“Have you ever noticed the way your fingers fidget between lined journal paper, and do you know about the glow you radiate, before you perform a piece?”

gar fish dance

By Ibe Liebenberg

“we dizzy on flesh all summer. dance at it. spin around…”


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