Aanii, Mnookmi!

Aanii (hello) and happy mnookmi / ziigwan (spring), readers! I’ve been admiring the color that has been steadily blooming through the ground that was once frozen over. With these blooms that follow the change in season, we are reminded that we are in constant creation. From the season of death and darkness comes rebirth and light. If you are willing to live with the seasons you ought to be willing to trust the darkness and dance under the sunlight. We are cyclical beings and that is beautiful! Every season I like to set my intentions. If you read my New Year’s Dreaming blog post, you’d remember that I formulated some dreams in the winter that I did not necessarily take action on since we were experiencing the season of rest, biboon. Well, now it is the season to plant those seeds and to let them grow both physically and metaphorically. It’s time to expand. To become. And to be. So, let’s talk about my intentions for this mnookmi.

In regards to planting seeds, physically / mentally speaking, I plan to grow my knowledge on the plant life around me. More specifically, I seek to learn about the medicinal uses of plants. Last year I learned all about dandelions and made a delicious dandelion honey. This past biboon, I collected giizhik (cedar) from the mitig (tree) in my backyard and made giizhik tea. I seek more experiences like this. Adding onto that, I plan on starting my very own herbal garden this year. I want to incorporate those herbs into my cooking, teas, etc.

Also on theme with planting seeds, physically speaking, I am becoming emaptooed (the one who runs / a runner). Something about the mind / body connection I experience with myself and the Earth makes it clear to me this is something I will be doing a lot of this mnookmi. I have been planning new ways to keep motivated with this new activity.

Now metaphorically, I have been planting seeds as I am seeking new experiences. I have been planting seeds by applying to jobs, seeking out internships, etc. Once I plant seeds like these, I know it is up to the universe / spirit to provide the conditions for these opportunities to grow.

Mnookmi is a time to embrace the new life that is beginning to flourish around us and within us all. So, I encourage you reader, to plant those seeds and to embrace the bloom of it all.


Madison Weingust is a student at Bay Mills Community College.

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