Crazy Little Deer (Eco Hacuhvkuce)

Crazy Little Deer went to the Muscogee fairgrounds with his

friends and family.

He wanted to run… jump… laugh and play stickball.

He wanted to sing and dance.

He wanted to eat all the blue dumplings and sweet corn drink.

Crazy Little Deer tried to do it all and was now too tired to play


Crazy Little Deer looked for someone who loved him.

Someone who loved Crazy Little Deer asked, “What happened

Crazy Little Deer?”

Crazy Little Deer said, “I wanted to do it all but now I’m tired and

I didn’t get to play stickball…

I’m mad at myself for getting sleepy …

I’m sad that you won’t see me play stickball.

If I’m not the best, because I couldn’t do it all, and I don’t play

stickball, will you still love me?”

Someone who loved Crazy Little Deer smiled and said, “You go

rest under the clan arbor. We are family and you have been enough

since your first breath.”

There’s a Crazy Little Deer inside us all…

…who is brave, strong, smart, kind, and good enough just as you

are because, Crazy Little Deer, you are of the Muscogee people.

You have done enough for today. There will always be tomorrow.

Sleep well and make it through the night dreaming your most

beautiful dreams.

Crazy Little Deer you are my everything.

Eco Hacuhvkuce

Eco Hacuhvkuce Mvskokokvle emekvnv ehesse, emvpvltake vpeyet

fullv tes.

Eco Hacuhvkuce letket… tasket… vpelet… pokko tis akkopvnet.

Eme ceyacv yvhiket, mon pvnet.

Komet vyv tes, hvtvm Cvto hakv ton Avpvske loket arepv hes komat

ayv tes.

Eco Hacuhvkuce nak omvlkv mecetv komat, eshotosepet, pokko akkopvne

ko tayv tes.

Eco Hacuhvkuce estit vnokecat hopoyet aren.

Este vnokecat, “Naket estowa Ecohacuhvkuce?” kicet.

Empohen Eco Hacuhvkuce, “Toket nak omv’lkvn mecetv cvyacet,

escvhotosepet cvnockelet pokko tis akkopvnvko tayis.”

E’egnhomec toyetv nuce.

Cv eleske Pokko ah’kopanvyat cehecet cv.

Res kohmvyat monkat vmvnokket tos eyenhomvlhece.

Eco Hacuhvkuce vnokecat, otvket.

Ceyekcet, eyvskoset, fvke humke, cefvske tos, kicv tes…

Momeko-nomat mon pokko ah’kopanvyat cem emunkv orv’ke vnokecetv?

Este Hacuhvkuce vnokecat, “Cem fekvpetv lecv emvliketv vpette mon

tayetskvnks hvmken hesaketv.

Este Hacuhvkuce omlvke yat puofv like towes.

Estit fekhvmke, tvlvswe, yvmvse, mon tayetskvnks heretv.

Eco Hacuhvkuce Mvskokvlke mv towis

Eco Hacuhvkuce nak omvlkv tonces. Mucv nettv tayen mec tonces

pakse oces.

Here nuc’kv mon cukhayvtikv… Fekvpkv oret tos, vpueckv herakosen

cepuecv hes.

Eco Hacuhvkuce nak omvlkv tonces.

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