From the Dark to the Light

Highway Cannon by Tyrel Iron Eyes of Sitting Bull College
Highway Cannon by Tyrel Iron Eyes of Sitting Bull College

That one look that showed you the world of Ego

Its breeze suddenly springs into the season being Spiritual

Then right in front of me sat a teacher of teachers, Silence

Motionless he sat right in front me, with knowledge of Impermanence

I understood so little about Non-action

Seated cross-legged he showed the greatness of the world and Oneness


My own thoughts poured forth its devotion of Oneness

The great Blue Mountains sat against the dark skies, a cold and clear Ego

Early in the morning we all rise, it is a story of Non-action

But with the black and yellow birds all is right in this state of Spiritual

If not for all our suffering, we want things to change the struggle of Impermanence

My own mind was eager and keen, the strength of Silence


Feelings of purity, impurity, the heart an unfathomable grief of Silence

The condition is Nature’s own luscious green Oneness

An ignition to ignite one’s own Impermanence

Toward influential horseless carriages of Ego

Keep in mind all creation is purely Spiritual

Unlike my Ford truck broke down outside the hogan, Non-action


A horse blanket covers the front window and everyone knows it is Non-action

To the music of distant flutes, an old river with fresh waters is Silence

Listen old friend it is a chant throughout the ages showing us being Spiritual

Perhaps it is why I walk and run in the luscious green valleys of Oneness

The horse imprisoned in the corral losing its own Ego

The hills and trees are its playground, running wild is its Impermanence


The door to the house swings both ways without exception, Impermanence

Yet the air is plenty with birds flying and singing songs of Non-action

Their own songs are sung toward life in the air and below without Ego

There is nothing like a bit of Silence

Sitting beside me you will hear within my great roar of Oneness

Walls inside the hogan hold in a turmoil of beings expressing the Spiritual


Expressing one’s feelings and being static is Spiritual

It is calm and quiet without fluidity; we can’t have it’s Impermanence

Bare in mind that wisdom and its chalice achieve great Oneness

All thoughts are Non-action

To achieve this glorious way the being is in a constant motion of Silence

A reminder to park yourself like a truck and protect your Ego


So to the man of being Spiritual the purpose of understanding can be constant flux of Non-action


We all live off the floors and halls of Impermanence and outside the wind and air breathe its Silence


Cut down the trees of your Oneness only then I can walk with my Ego

Dale Morgan (Navajo) is a student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Creative Writing and New Media Program at Navajo Technical University.

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