hūzíwí waking,

spiky ivory scarlet legs emerging under silky deep burrow

ancient nightmare web


hūzíwí arms rumbling,

lava blood summoning as veins bulge dripping molten dread

while finger bark rots fish bone and plastic hen


hūzíwí chest broadening,

tree trunk torso bloated moaning, kaposi blemish croaking leaky

bile corrosive oily leads


hūzíwí head sprouting,

mushroom cloud flowering, broken jaw distended hanging

exposed tendons, drooling and spooling humun thread.


hūzíwí life entering,

lumbering thundering trunk stumbling, grumbling battle snakes

tumbling towards hickory ivory maple bed


hūzíwí dancing,

ransacking mansion rancid, opening spider wings made of

wrapped skulls and earthen nest


hūzíwí wilding,

festering wobbling pneumonic coughing, posturing chin towards

ceiling entropic depth, angling its neck


hūzíwí now jumping,

furious whale mother shark teeth thumping, flailing and plunging,

ripping up sorry chest


hūzíwí retreating,

weeping feet beating, clear I am dreaming, steps through the

window to the asphalt road toward friends




hūzíwí returning,

clear hour-glass earth body hairs swarming, burning and gorging

on lucid dread


hūzíwí weaving,

insect animal hands turning, patient silk thread churning the oval

tomb for my shriveled flesh


hūzíwí long heaving,

grand elder fingers summoning as the world comes buckling


hūzíwí mumbling,

new life – the egg


Nelson Alburquenque is a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

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