Intentional Wellness

Although winter is a season of rest, I’ve had an increasing desire to get my body moving. That said, I’ve been going to the gym and weight training a couple times a week with my partner. I find that if I have a cloudy mind going into my workout, getting my body moving provides me with a sort of release that creates a clean slate within me.  This clean slate gives me the ability to start over fresh. It rejuvenates me.

Now, I’m not one to strictly diet or religiously work out. My philosophy is to listen to my body. I like to work out according to my menstrual cycle, focusing more on strength training—upping my cardio during my follicular and ovulatory phases and focusing more on lighter weights—and just getting my body moving in any capacity during the slower seasons of my cycle, being the luteal and menstrual phases. Listening to and working with the energy my body has that day (since it changes all throughout the month) has been key for my fitness journey. It prevents me from giving up when it gets hard. Usually when it gets hard, I’m just in the luteal phase of my cycle and therefore have less energy to expend on working out. As for my diet, I just try to listen to what my body wants. I know what food makes me feel good and I know what food doesn’t. I do not eat meat so making sure I am getting enough protein to build muscle has been a priority lately. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I love cooking!

Regardless of what you are doing to take care of yourself, I find it important to keep your intentions in check. For me, it is important to take care of myself with the intent to feel good and to be healthy. In the past, I’ve had outside intentions for working out and eating better, such as seeking to adhere to certain beauty standards. This was not sustainable for me. Now that I have my intentions in check, working out and taking care of myself in general is becoming more and more of a spiritual practice the more times I do it. We are made to move! To run! To fuel ourselves! To be strong! That is so empowering.

I encourage you to get active and to take care of yourself in any way you can. But wherever you are on your journey, remember to rest! Whether it be a rest day or week, it is winter and we need that. Listen to your body. You know what is best. Always.


Madison Weingust is a student at Bay Mills Community College.

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