Old Man’s Son’s Vision Quest

In a dream one enchanted night
when the stars were out and the moon was ripe

I met a man who was wise and old.
He wore a warbonnet of heavenly gold;

His braids were long as mountains ran
and in his eyes I could see the land.

He gave me a bow of waters blue;
he said it would always shoot straight and true.

I asked his name but he just smiled.
My heart was beating fast and wild.

I awoke that day still damp with sweat
wondering the name of the man I had met.

I went to the trees and got some wood
and I built that bow from where I stood.

It was exactly the same as the one in my dream,
it even had that bluish gleam.

I went to a man who was wise and true,
our medicine man-he’d know what to do.

He said this was a gift from grandfather past
and I should care for it and make it last;

I should go to the earth and search for my name.
I went the next day in pouring rain.

I waited for days; still nothing was there
until lightning flashed through the air.

Then a voice spoke a name, a wonderful one.
From that day on I am Old Man’s Son.

James Glaze is a student at Blackfeet Community College.

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