My Mother

The life force that gave me mine is the lighting of a fierce storm, the gentle breeze of a nice day, the oranges and pinks of a sunset, all in one and everything ever becoming.

She is no one other than my mother.

My mother has seen me through all seasons and cycles I’ve experienced. She was there at the very start, my birth. She has been there with me as I experienced seasons of death, doubt, change, rebirth, growth, etc. My mother has been there through it all.

My mom is my biggest fan in life. She sees every ounce of sparkle and shine within me and encourages me to let that light out into the world. My mom taught me to reach for my stars. She encourages me to be fully and authentically myself. That’s all she wants me to be.

My mom wants me to speak my truth. She wants me to speak my truth and use my voice for good, for kindness, and for love. My mother expects me to use my voice to call things out if needed. To speak for what needs to be spoken for.

My mother is kind. She never fails to acknowledge the light in others. She smiles and says hello. She sees, acknowledges, and knows.

My mother is attuned. She is attuned to the world around her in a way I can only hope to be some day. She will hear running water in a creek minutes before reaching it.

Not only is my mother a mother to me, but she is a mother to all who needs her to be. My mom is a teacher, winning awards like Teacher of the Year for her excellence and profound dedication to her work and students. Her students often see her as a motherly figure. How could they not? My mom is a nurturer, a protector, a light. She is a truly divine human and spirit.

My mother is not afraid to step up. My mother is not afraid of talking about difficult things.  That said, my mother is not afraid to shine her light and comfort in the darkest of places. She shares her warmth and comfort with those who need it. She is able to see and help facilitate healing, belonging, and connection.

My mother is humble in her ways. Don’t get me wrong, she is always right. But she is always seeking to learn more. My mother achieved her MA in educational psychology all the while navigating life raising me and my siblings.

My mother is intuitive. She is deeply spiritual and knows who she is at her core.

My mother is empathetic, energetic, a lover of the sky and trees, and is the embodiment of love.

Through every season and every cycle, coming from my mother is something I will forever be proud of and blessed to be.

Miigwech. Happy Soul Day to my smart mother.



Madison Weingust is a student at Bay Mills Community College.

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