Rebirth of Day

The sky is a black abyss,
When hints of a dim glow appear.
Minutes tick away.

A startling red sweeps across the sky,
Like paint on a black canvas.
Then all is still.
Minutes tick away, but it seems like hours.

Raging streaks of brilliant hues fly across the sky,
Like an artist in a fury to finish a painting.
Reds, oranges, pinks, and purples streak the sky,
The colors’ contrast forcing a new depth and richness.

The rapid appearance of the colors
Is a brutal assault on the senses.
The colors seem to shout in a joyful pain.
A pain of rebirth.

The slow emergence of child from its mother has begun,
The intense pain is etched in the sky.
Each color’s depth and richness is a labor pain,
Frame by frame the scene unfolds.
Until finally day has emerged from its mother, night,
And its innocent beauty is seen by all.
Day is born.

Michelle Vernon (Delaware) is a sophomore at Dull Knife Memorial College where she is studying psychology. She plans to go into research. She is president of the Student Senate, president of the local chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and vice president of the Indian Club. She enjoys reading classical literature of all sorts, listening to music, and going to powwows.

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