Seasonal Blues

For the past few weeks, I’ve been teetering on the edge of a cold that doesn’t quite develop… I’ll notice I’m sniffling and in turn take some vitamins, use my Fighting Five essential oil, and get an hour or two of extra sleep to help myself heal from whatever it is I’m coming down with.

I have been noticing that it is time to start doing the same preventative treatment for my mental health. We recently “fell back” an hour for daylight savings in Michigami (Michigan). Basically, we are now seeing less and less of the sun each day. After spending practically every single day outside and under the sun’s rays this past summer, I, alike to many, am already mourning the even shorter days and longer nights that are to come.

Luckily, this struggle is natural. I can say that the struggle is natural because we can easily look to nature to understand it… I mean, here in Michigami, everything has been slowly dying the past few months… Interestingly, it has been quite the site to see. The mitigook (trees) have been beautiful. I so gratefully and magically got to experience two different “peak weeks” in two different areas of the state. But by this time in the season, there are little to no more colors to get lost in… No more awe to experience in the dying. All that there is left is decomposing leaves on the ground that serve as the harsh reminder that a cold winter is to follow.

That said, where do we go from here? Well, noticing the struggle is important. And from there, we can do things to help us feel better. Something I did last year that really helped me with my seasonal sadness was investing in an LED light therapy lamp and sitting in front of it first thing every morning. Another thing that helped me was at the end of my shower, turning the water freezing cold and standing there for a few minutes… I hated it but the feeling it gave me after made it worth it. Lastly, I ate a lot of oranges for vitamin C.  I will be eating a lot of oranges in the coming months…

Sure, alike to this darn (almost) cold I’ve been experiencing lately, the symptoms may persist for some time. But with intentional treatment, we are bound to feel at least a little bit better. Make sure you take care of yourself. Always.

Madison Weingust is a student at Bay Mills Community College.

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