Jasmine Neosh (Menominee) is a student at College of the Menominee Nation and an American Indian College Fund student ambassador. In this blogspot, Neosh focuses on issues of sustainability and environmental justice, bringing a fresh perspective to these critical issues that is both student and Indigenous centered.

Always Believe You Can Win

Even when victory seems impossible, protecting our planet is always worth fighting for.

Shared Stories

Scarlett Cortez (Salvadoran) studied studio arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts and served as an officer with the AIHEC student congress. Shared Stories addresses issues such as violence against women and the well-being of women of color.

Twiniversity: Life of a Tribal College Mom

A student at Salish Kootenai College, Celina Gray (Blackfeet and Little Shell Chippewa) is the mother of twins who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife biology from SKC. Gray illuminates the trials, tribulations, and rewards of being both a mother and a full-time TCU student.

Red Storyteller

TCJ Student’s first student blogger, Shaina Nez (Dine’) was an intern at TCJ and a student at Dine’ College who went on to study at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Her blog covers a wide array of issues, to which she brings an important Navajo perspective.