Tasty Cake


Gramma by Ritchie Kaibetoney of Dine' College
Gramma by Ritchie Kaibetoney of Dine’ College

Gram made a humongous cake which laid out in a thousand rains. Thick ribbons of water,


 icing flowing down ruinous fringes of receding prairie. The slice, thirteen-foot tall,  


 six-foot wide. Sweet sediment rosettes of frosting––binding delicate layers in charcoal  


 wash. Moist on top, a little dry within the center, where a thousand faces lie between  


 layers. They can’t be seen, but they can be heard. The sounds of boiling meat, popping rocks;  


 brittle skins embracing heat––in fire. Ripping hides, reveal fat scraped fat away. 


 Laugh sounds. I grab a chunk from where a deer lay, I chew for what seems like decades. 


 In my mouth, a tiny shell tumbles around my teeth ‘til I spit it into my hand. I hope I can 


remember the recipe. 


Jesse Short Bull is a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

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