The Earth and Wind

Untitled by Jenae Miller of Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College
Untitled by Jenae Miller of Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

As long as there has been light in our beautiful creation, the Earth has always loved the Sky. During the days our Creator still walked, our great mother the Earth existed as a spirit, and a very beautiful one at that. All the other spirits either absolutely loved her or envied her beauty. One spirit who envied her was the Wind—although it was not due to her beauty. No, it was because the spirit known as Sky fancied our Mother Earth, so much that he even dedicated the stars to her. Wind wanted the Sky all to herself and would go to any lengths to make it so. She therefore devised a plan to keep Earth and Sky apart.

The Creator had explained that Earth was one of the most powerful spirits, although she was also full of kindness and compassion. Earth would house as well as protect the other spirits. Next, the Creator stated that the Sky would be their new father, as he would watch over all creation and house those with wings. The Wind then exclaimed, “I will support the Sky and carry the winged ones once they grow tired.” The Creator smiled and nodded, “Let it be so Wind.” This upset Mother Earth, although in the presence of the Creator she held her tongue. This was the first confrontation between the Wind and the Earth.

The spirits assumed their forms in the physical realm. The Earth flourished and filled her role perfectly as mother to all. She had land to hold the four-legged beings as well as water for the fish to swim. For Mother Earth, all was perfect except she could not see her love the Sky because the Wind would blow up her stones and create clouds to block her view. This of course was against the Creator’s plan for the spirit known as the Sun could not provide his nourishment to the plants. So, the Sun came down to ask the Wind why she was doing such a thing. But the Sun was clever and decided he would make the Wind think he would support her no matter her position. “Hello great Wind spirit!” proclaimed the Sun. “Hello Sun spirit,” replied the Wind. “What brings such a powerful spirit to our domain?”

The Sun cunningly answered, “I have come to bless your union with the Sky, although I must give a message from our Creator to the Sea spirit. I have grown weary from travel. Do you think you could take this message for me?” The Wind hesitated, also being a clever spirit herself she noticed something was off.

“Why do you ask such a thing of me?” asked the Wind.

“Well, of course no spirit in creation is faster than you,” he replied. The Sun knew that the Wind’s main weakness was flattery.

“True words Sun spirit, true words!” the Wind exclaimed. Off the Wind spirit flew, carrying the fake message the Sun had given her. The Sun continued down to Mother Earth and noticed she was crying. The Sun could feel her pain as well as her sorrow, as it emanated from her like heat from a fire. He approached slowly so as not to startle the powerful spirit. When he was noticed, he introduced himself. “Excuse me Mother Earth, I do not mean to interrupt you. It is I, the Sun spirit, and I humbly introduce myself to you, powerful mother of all.”

Mother Earth replied while wiping tears from her eyes, “Hello Sun spirit, what brings you to my lodge?”

“I noticed your children, the flowers, have not been receiving my gift,” he said.

“Aw yes, unfortunately the Wind spirit seeks to keep me from my love, the Sky,” she explained. “She covers the space in between us to block my view.”

“This is a problem,” he said, “maybe I can fix it. First, you will have to reach for the Sky spirit. I will teach you to stretch your limbs and make mountains.”

Mother Earth listened carefully to the Sun spirit. She then did as she was told and preformed the ceremony to stretch her limbs to create mountains. To her astonishment, mountains began to grow from her land. The mountains began to reach so high that Father Sky could feel a familiar touch from a powerful and beautiful spirit.

“Beautiful Mother Earth,” said Father Sky.

“My love, it has been too long since our last meeting,” replied Mother Earth.

The two enjoyed their time together as it had been so long since each had held one another. Although the Sun spirit was far from finished, as he could not tolerate the actions of the Wind. He took his story to the Creator who only smiled while listening.

“I had hoped the Wind had freed herself of childish things,” said the Creator, adding, “although to teach children you must give them a lesson.”

Just then the Wind had returned from her journey. She was met by the Creator who then punished her for treating Mother Earth so badly. The Wind was to carry all the weight of all the prayers to the Creator. Furthermore, the Wind had to give Mother Earth a beautiful blanket each year as penance. This blanket was to be a beautiful white unlike anything any spirit had seen before. It was given its own name—the Snow. Father Sky and Mother Earth could no longer be separated by the Wind. Although she still tries to steal the heart of Father Sky, Mother Earth will always be his one and only true love. For the Creator made it this way, and so it shall be.

Rebel James Denny is a student at Stone Child College.

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