Throat by Leandra Chimal of the Institute of American Indian Arts
Throat by Leandra Chimal of the Institute of American Indian Arts

Will we ever get out? Is anyone looking for us? Are we going to die in here? I know those aren’t the most cheerful thoughts, but if you were in our position, you would be thinking the same thing. I should probably start at the beginning, before we got trapped.

My name is October; I live in Waterford, Michigan. My friends Jenny, Matt, and Kyle all wanted to go to the state hospital, in Traverse City, which is said to be haunted. We all agreed to it, being the thrill seekers we are. We loaded into Kyle’s car and made our way up north to the city. It was a long ride, but we eventually made it. Kyle pulled the car over; we got out and stood there looking at the building. I noticed the chain on the fence.

“So how we gonna get in?” I asked.

“Maybe there’s a hole in the fence somewhere,” Matt replied. We walked around the whole fence. “Now what?”

“I have an idea,” I said. “We climb the fence.” While I was making my way over the fence, I cut my hand. “Ow!”

“You okay?” asked Kyle, coming over and examining my hand. “It’s just a cut. It’s not deep.” He wrapped my hand in his handkerchief. He kissed my cheek and grabbed my other hand as we walked in the front door of the building.

“ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Traverse City State Hospital. One of the most haunted places in the world,” Kyle said.

“Oooh, spooky,” I joked. We laughed and made our way to the front desk. “So where shall we begin?”

“How ‘bout the first floor?” suggested Jenny.

“Perfect.” We turned on our flashlights. On the first floor was a resident’s room. On the wall there was writing that read, “MY lIFE FOR HIM.” We joked about what the person must have been thinking about putting that on their wall.

We made our way through the first floor and then eventually made it up on the fifth floor. All of a sudden, Bang! We all jumped.

“What was that?” Jenny asked.

“Something just fell over,” Matt said.

“I want to know what it was,” I told them and went towards the noise.

“Maybe this place really is haunted,” Jenny said. I could tell she was scared; truth be told, so was I. We tiptoed down the hall to see where the noise came from. Standing there was a ghost; he was tall and wearing pajamas, like the patients wore. He looked right at us, so we ran away from him as he chased us. We made it into another room and slammed the door.

“Oh my God. Did that just happen?” Jenny asked. Matt tried to calm her down. I clung onto Kyle and he held me.

“Do you think he’s gone?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Matt answered. “I’ll check.”

“No, you can’t,” Jenny said.

“It’ll be alright. I’ll be right back.” He reassured her, gave her a kiss, and walked out into the hall. Then we heard him screaming, like something was attacking him. I held onto Jenny as it went quiet.

Kyle eventually opened the door and said it was clear; we walked out and there was no trace of Matt. We made our way to the stairs and went down, but I looked up to see the sign “10th floor.”

“How is that possible?” I asked Kyle.

“I don’t know babe.”

“We’re not getting out of here alive,” Jenny said.

“Yes, we are,” I told her.

“We’re all going to die in here.”

“Jenny, stop it.”

We held hands as we walked down the hallway, when all of a sudden, Jenny was ripped out of my hands and dragged away. She was screaming for me to help her; we ran after her, but we couldn’t keep up.

“Run!” Kyle screamed at me, as he took my hand and pulled me down the hallway. He pushed me into a room and covered my mouth. Whatever was after us ran past the room.

“Maybe Matt and Jenny are okay,” I told him.

“Maybe. We have to make a run for it.”

“Are you crazy?”

“It’s our only chance to make it. Shh. Do you hear that?”

“It’s Jenny and Matt!”

“Okay, I’ll go for Matt and you go for Jenny. We’ll meet down on the first floor,” he explained. He kissed me. “It’ll be okay. I love you, October.”

“I love you too, Kyle,” I said, kissing him one last time. He opened the door, and we ran in opposite directions.

I ran down many hallways and found a door; it was locked, and I could hear Jenny screaming inside. I grabbed a pole on the floor and started hitting the doorknob until it broke off. I opened the door and found Jenny tied to a table.

“October! Help!” she yelled in fear. I untied her and helped her off the table.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“I think so. Where’s Kyle?”

“He went to find Matt.” We made our way down to the first floor but saw no signs of Kyle or Matt.

“I guess we’ll just wait here for them,” I said, sitting down on the floor. Jenny sat beside me, and she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I am never going into another haunted house again,” she told me.

“I’m with you.” Suddenly, Jenny was being dragged down the hall on her stomach by a ghost.

“October! Help me!” she yelled. I started chasing after her when something threw me into a wall, and I saw black. When I came to, Kyle and Matt helped me up.

“You okay?” Kyle asked.

“Where’s Jenny?” asked Matt.

“She was dragged away,” I told them. Before we could say anymore, Matt and Kyle where sucked into separate rooms.

“No, Kyle!” I yelled.

“October get out of here. Run!” he yelled at me before his room went quiet. I made a run for the front door.

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