Sihouettes of Fishers by Raina Brown Dine' College
Sihouettes of Fishers by Raina Brown Dine’ College

Beautiful skies, red orange ascending into blue,

over mirror like waters,

hearing the air blow far off

with the slightest sounds of birds chirping

A soft brisk breeze like a breath of fresh air,

in shock and surprise but relieved

as balance was lost but resurfaced,

like a piece of wood,

floating in cool water,

laughing at what fear was felt

Scary turned into relief,

then fun, at what was most feared

Moment of clarity,

when safety is assured,

remember before entering

the waters on a boat,

all of us wearing a plastic device,

because plastic floats better than me

when sunken into deep waters.

Dana Peterman is a student at Navajo Technical University.

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