Wiingashk: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Tie a piece of yarn around the top

to hold together such sacred trinity.

fingers lovingly embrace each strand,

weave them meticulously together,

dark and light shades of green

shimmering in the sunlight

surrender softly

to the next which is stronger

than the last. Strands twirl from one

finger to the next. A body of strong herbaceous

delight. Sweet aromatic bubbles. Molecules

bursting from taste to smell. Consciously

intertwining our quantum reality,

forever entangled

with these sweet and sacred blades.

Electric currents captured in the fingertips

moving tenderly yet simultaneously with the

smooth, thick braid. Tie one last piece of yarn to

hold intentions together. Gichiimiigwetch

Creator for such a beautiful gift.

We are protected.




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