Wookie’s Adventure

Lone Wolf by Gregory F. Shortey Jr. of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Wookie, a gray Mi-Ki dog, got a call early in the morning. It was the King of Shnugglyville. “Sorry to disturb your slumber, but we just got word that Bear has been kidnapped! We suspect the Laundry Duo took him back to their headquarters! We need you to rescue him!”

“On it!” Wookie hung up and put his silver armor on. He grabbed his sword, a bag full of his favorite cookies, and his toolbox. He had a feeling this wouldn’t be easy.

While he was trotting through Pillow Hallow, he found a note pinned to a chew-stick tree. “Dear Sir Wookie, we knew you’d come looking for your beloved Bear! Don’t worry, he’s safe. . . . For now. Just bring us 1,000 cookies and we’ll release him! You have three days before the bear gets it! Your worst nightmare, The Laundry Duo.”

He ripped the note down and shoved it in his pocket. He was not going to let them get away with this. But where was he going to get 1,000 cookies in the dead of winter? All he had with him was ten, and he was hoping to eat those himself. He would have to make a stop at Potty Island, a paradise that had no other season but summer. He quickly made a raft using a tree and some nails from his toolbox, then he was ready to go.

When Wookie arrived at Potty Island half an hour later, he was met with the comforting warmth of the sun. Despite its name, it smelled like bacon. He saw some cookie trees and ran over to them. He used the wood from the cookie tree to weave four baskets and build a wagon big enough to hold everything. He began collecting the cookies.

After what felt like years, he finally collected all 1,000 cookies. He looked out at the sun setting over the water. He wished he could stay here and just relax in the warm sand. A short nap can’t hurt, he thought to himself. After all it was getting dark, and he did have two days left to save Bear. He curled up and fell asleep.

Wookie woke up to the sun shining in his face. He looked over at the wagon only to see that a wild human had gotten into his cookies! There she was, just munching away. He carefully drew his sword and approached her. She noticed him getting closer and grabbed a basket before running behind a tree.

“Hey! Drop it!” Wookie stomped his paw. The human popped her head out and looked at him. “Drop it,” he warned again. She obeyed and dropped the basket. “Good job!” He gave her a cookie he found on the ground. She gobbled it up as he picked up the basket, counting only 32 cookies left. Each basket originally had 250 cookies in them. He sighed and got to work gathering 218 more cookies, keeping an eye on the human.

Two hours later, he was finally done. He loaded the wagon with the baskets onto his raft and sailed back to Pillow Hallow. When he got there, he pulled the wagon off the raft and headed toward the Laundry Duo’s headquarters.

Wookie could hear faint yelling in the distance and ran as fast as he could while pulling the wagon. He hid behind a dirty pile of clothes just outside the Duo’s headquarters as he planned his attack. He had no plans of letting them go unpunished. He knew that his sword would do no damage against Madam Washèr and Mr. Dryèr. He plotted for a few minutes before sneaking in through the back entrance. He left his wagon of cookies and quietly ran over to Bear, who was in a big white plastic cage.

“Don’t worry, Bear! I’ll save you!” Wookie whispered. Madam Washèr and Mr. Dryèr had their backs turned and hadn’t noticed him yet. He ran to his wagon to get his tools but was startled by a booming voice.

“Well, well, well . . . what do we have here? I hope you have the cookies we asked for,” said Mr. Dryèr.

“Here’s all 1,000 of them. Now let Bear go!” Wookie growled and threw the baskets at their feet.

“A deal’s a deal . . . ok, we’ll let him go,” Madam Washèr said as she lifted the cage. Bear ran out and hugged Wookie.

“Go distract them, I have some business to take care of,” Wookie whispered to Bear.

Bear did as he was told and started throwing towels and clothes everywhere while repeatedly singing, “Shnuggly buggly boos! Shnuggly I love you!” Madam Washèr and Mr. Dryèr turned toward the noise.

Madam Washèr yelled, “Hey! Stop that! You’re making a mess!” Wookie quietly loosened their screws with his wrench and screwdriver without them noticing. He grabbed Bear and ran toward the exit, escaping just before the Duo fell apart.

“Come on, Wookie, let’s go potty!” He heard someone say. Wookie opened his eyes, only to find that he was sitting on his human grandpa’s lap, his chin resting on his stuffed bear. What a crazy dream! He thought. He stretched as he got up and walked to the door to go outside, knowing he’d receive a cookie as a reward.

Spirit Jones is a student at Northwest Indian College.

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