You, Wynter Adalyne Lulamae Shepherd

Wilhemena of the Summit by Deborah Teller-Tsosie of Diné College
Wilhemena of the Summit by Deborah Teller-Tsosie of Diné College

You were the biggest surprise. You survived a full term plus two weeks without me knowing. I found out about You on Your birthday, February 7, 2017. I was scared and confused and not sure what to do. But when I met You at 8:13 p.m., You were 8 pounds and 6 ounces, 21 ½ inches long; I was sure that I was going to keep You.

I am not going to lie, You were a lot to take on especially since I was in my first month of school, spring 2017. For You, I knew I had to stay and finish school. I had to guarantee You the life that You deserve. I want You to have everything I had and so much more. The first year with You was a lot because You are my first child. I used to babysit when I was in high school but it’s really different when it is actually your baby.

It was kind of funny because I always took pictures of You and wanted to play. Every month on Your special day I would dress You up and take cute pictures to celebrate Your monthly growth. The worst thing about You getting old was the doctor appointments. Before we even made it to the office You would begin to cry, every time.

In Your first year, we traveled so much. When You were three months old, we flew to Georgia from New Mexico. And from Georgia we drove to Alabama. In the summer of 2017, we went to Maryland. And surprisingly, You did well on the drive there. When You were six months old, You started daycare at NTU childcare on campus. In December 2017, we went back to Georgia. We stayed in Georgia for five months. You began to start walking around 10 months, but You completely gave it a go the day after Your birthday. That moment was one of the proudest and emotional in my life. Your first birthday party theme was “Moana.” That was Your favorite movie at the time.

I always hear people say that babies change Your world for the better and now I can see that. You really opened my eyes. You show me how all of the little moments can matter.

In our second year together, You grew in every way possible. You will soon be two and it’s so bitter sweet. I feel this way because just yesterday, You were my tiny baby, but now You’re getting bigger every day and I can’t handle it. Time truly flies when You’re having fun. I try my best to keep You safe and teach You right from wrong. But honestly, we are growing and learning together. You changed my life for the better. I know for sure I wouldn’t be the person I am today without You, Wynter Adalyne Lulamae Shepherd.

Tyranni A. Shepherd is a student at Navajo Technical University.

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